Bread Basket                         4 Hours                      

13 3/4” L x 4” H x 7” W                          Any Weaving Level

The basket starts with a filled, woven bottom.  Techniques include start/stop weaving and the use of overlays.  Great for the beginner weaver and fun for the experiencced weaver!

The bread basket is accented with smoked reed.  It includes a liner.  Pretty leather handles and a button embellishment complete the look.  Great for any level of weaver.  This basket could be used not only for bread but a multitude of uses!

Click on the picture of the bread liners to bring up a larger picture.  Be sure to put in the note section which liner you prefer.

I have kits with different accent colors; black, red etc.  If you are wanting a different color than smoked, be sure to ask about the availability of other colors!

Just a note – my website adds together shipping when ordering multiple items. I always refund any overpayment of shipping.  If you prefer to be invoiced, just let me know!


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