Lunch Tote – Quartz Pink


10 ¾” L x 7” W x 8” H

All Weaving Levels

I designed a lunch tote many years ago and decided it needed an update! This is it! The basket starts on a woven, filled base using the “chicken feet” method of tucking filler spokes. Techniques include start/stop weaving, twining, triple twining with a step up and use of overlays. Pretty leather handles,  and a button embellishment complete this tote.

Accent colors are pale pink and smoked reed.

The metal feet on this tote have been discontinued.  It was discovered if you put too much weight in the basket it can cause the metal feet to go through the reed on the bottom.

Just a note – my website adds together shipping when ordering multiple items. I always refund any overpayment of shipping.  If you prefer to be invoiced, just let me know!

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