Sweater Weather (Maple Leaf)


8″ L x 14″ H x 2″ W (Door or wall basket)

All weaving levels

Sweater Weather – it is right around the corner!  This colorful wall/door basket has great texture!  The basket starts on a “quick weave” handle.  That means you just slide in the spokes and WEAVE!  So fun!  Techniques include start/stop weaving, continuous weaving, weaving a “cross-stitch” weave and using overlays.

What makes this basket extra special?  The leaf embellishment!  The maple leaf is made here in the USA.  It is a heavier rusty metal.  I thought it needed to POP so it is handpained with fall colors: red, orange, yellow etc.  I also added copper wire to really make it stand out.  Each leaf will be unique since these are all hand done.  The basket  accent colors are moss green, rust, mustard and smoked.

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