The Kentucky Tote Basket


Dimensions of the finished basket:
13 1/2” L x 7 1/2” W x 8” H (measurements taken on the finished basket)
All Weaving Levels – experience is helpful due to shaping.

“The Kentucky Tote” starts on a slotted wood base.  Three sizes and colors of spokes are used.  Techniques include twining, triple twining, the use of overlays and SHAPING!  The accent colors coordinate with the embellishment.  They are cobalt blue, smoked, natural and a pop of red.

This basket is one in a series of State Totes that started with Illinois – the Pride of the Prairie Tote.

Leather handles and the unique embellishment designed by Illinois artist Mikayla Murry make this basket extra special.  Each embellishment is signed by local artist Mikayla Murray.

 About Mikayla –

Mikayla Murray is a Central Illinois abstract painter, digital designer, and mother. She creates bright, happy designs, which relieve the heaviness of life brought about by loss and trauma.

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