Wild at Heart


Intermediate Weaving Level     5” H x 6 1/4” W x 13 3/4” L

Measurements taken at the top of the basket.

Wild at Heart starts on a wood slotted 4” x 12” base.  Techniques include setting up a basket on a wood base, twining, “start/stop” weave, continuous weave, and the use of overlays.  The accent colors are Blue Spruce, Smoked and Wine.  The inside rim is braided seagrass which really adds to the texture of this basket.  The basket is sure to become a favorite wherever you choose to use it.  This basket would also make a great gift for that “wild” woman in your life!

Due to the different sizes in reed, this basket can be a challenge!  Shaping and spoke placement are important in this basket!  Be sure and pack each row as you weave.  It is best to start/stop on the rounded corners – not in the middle of this basket.

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